3d Printing a Pluscart Case

Having a tough week so next video editing is on pause until I can muster some energy again.
I did manage to finish the cases for the Pluscart for the Atari 2600.
Using it like this isn’t ideal!

Printed a blue and dark grey one. The grey one is going to @MunzeeMark who sent me the Pluscart boards as a thank you.

The white filament I printed these parts with is really horrible stuff. But it actually doesn’t matter too much. Some light sanding and they are fine.

The logo needs to be glued into the case. I did start with cyanoacrylate but managed to glue one piece to my fingers really well. Switched to good old UHU.
Last pic is the finished logo

This label is for the top. It’s possible to print this with 2 colours but I’m not yet that brave or competent to attempt that.
That’s as far as I can take the grey cart. The blue one is for me and waiting to be finished!

Snaps together very well.
One big problem though… The cart doesn’t fit into the cart slot on the Atari!
The corners should have a larger chamfer (@LaptopRetrospe1 loves a good chamfer!)
I think I might have an idea…

It’s not wood, but a nice sharp plane doesn’t really care what it’s cutting as long as its as soft as wood!
Trimmed up all the edges, changing the angle to round them slightly.
Fits a treat!
Also did the grey one.

Finished! Working nicely too. An Atari 2600 with a WiFi cartridge still makes me giggle 🤣
@MunzeeMark will get his one in a few days.

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 21 September 2021.