Project Twitter Threads

When I don’t have enough time to create a video of a project I like to share it through the medium of a Twitter MegaThread.

Acorn Electron Repair

Speccy Back From The Dead

Kung Fu Flash Build

Elgato Game Capture HD Composite Mod

Binatone Superstar Acquisition

Commodore Vic20 Acquistion

Atari 2600 Acquisition

Designing and 3d Printing a Tapecart Case

ZX Spectrum 48k Issue 2 Acquisition

Binatone MK10 Acquistion

Atari VCS Joystick Repair

Atari STe Acquisition

Hitachi Oscilloscope V422

3d Printing a Pluscart Case

Gamecube Controller Restoration

Voxelab Aquila 3d Printer Build

Dreamcast GDEmu Install