Atari Joystick Repair

Replacing the tactile dome switches in this original #Atari joystick.
This circuit board is beautiful, looks like the metal traces were glued on by hand.
The dome switches need to be placed so the notches only touch one trace. Don’t ask me how I know this… 🤔

Switches replaced. Using special thick gorilla repair tape. It really works well on these. Shame it’s not wide enough to do in one shot.

Insides repaired. Cable replaced on one of them. Cleaned.
Only need to repaint the orange trim and these are done.

Here’s that tape. Amazing stuff.

This is another more modern version of the Atari stick. From @GothmogPlays
This has super clicky switches. I’m tempted to replace them with the ones I’ve used in the other sticks…

I put the new switches in and…. its exactly the same. Must be something else they changed in its construction.

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 27 August 2021.