Binatone MK10 Acquisition

This arrived yesterday.
Was an opening bid win on ebay, very very cheap.
Binatone Colour TV Game MK 10. I’m curious about the difference between my MK IV and this.
There’s a lot more going on outside…

It’s also another Magnavox clone like the MK 4

It’s got some “patina” ๐Ÿ˜ but that’s OK.
I might be able to clean the metal face plate a little.
The dents in the back edge are cable burns. It was probably stored with its coax cable wrapped around it.

It’s a lot busier inside than the 4. Fragile wires running all over the place. Before I do any work on this I’ll take very detailed photos. At the least it will need a recap.

Analogue controllers! Is there a flight simar an option? Will it run elite dangerous?
I’m so curious how they utilise them.

Plugged in it makes the expected noise but I can’t get it to tune to the rf signal. Not unexpected, the MK 4 was very similar.
I’ll have to bodge a composite connection once I’ve recapped and cleaned it.
I’ll button it up for now and return later when it’s turn comes around.

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 16 July 2021.