Binatone SUPERSTAR acquisition.

LOOK! BLATANT USE OF CAPS!! + excessive exclamations!!!

My cheeky eBay win arrived. I missed out on this first time when its opening bid of £6.80 didn’t sell. The second time around the seller was open to offers but declined my £5 offer. So I bid £6.80 and won 🤣

The box is ratty. I’m not that kinda collector though so I don’t really mind.
There are some bold claims on the side. “Built-in speaker for REALISTIC sound effects” We will see about that!
“All games displayed in High Definition Colour” Oh really 1970’s technology? HD ready? 🤣

Box building instructions on the base. Useful.
Someone has added some extra flappage on the top with a Honeynut Flakes packet transplant. Now I’m hungry.
Top flaps also have this message. Keep the box or no warranty. Different times…

Here’s our first peek at hardware.
I wish I could share the smell with you. These 70’s video games consoles have a very particular aroma. The MkIV I refurbished earlier in the year smelled really strong.
It’s not unpleasant. Probably essence of orange and brown and corduroy.

Superten is the pack-in cart. Looks like the exact games that came built into the earlier versions of these pong consoles.
I’m quite impressed the edge connector has a spring-loaded protector.
Target and Gridball sound interesting.

The second cart is Brands Hatch. I thought this was also a pack-in game as it’s shown on the box. But I now can see other games on there too, so just advertising.
Other games are also mentioned on the back of the game box.
Stunt Rider. I need to get that!

3-10 No function. Ok then!
The manual is lovely.
“Two exciting Slot-in road race games”
Nice artwork too. Missing “Does not represent actual gameplay” 😜
I love this manual so much. Read the note in the 3rd pic. Even better the Special Note in the last pic. Pure dramatic gold.

The console originally didn’t come with a PSU. So this was bought to power it instead of the masses of D cell batteries these take. That’s a really good sign, if they used this instead of batteries there’s a great chance this won’t be filled with battery juice and rust.

A controller! I have another Binatone that has these same controllers. I won’t open this now, it’s just 2 pots. When I restore it I’ll strip it down and clean/replace as needed. Including the rust on that shaft! Never let your shaft get rusty!
That ball is sooo 70’s

Cables are in good condition, apart from the poly that’s stuck to them. Should peel off.
The plugs are in good nick too. The second controller is much like the first!

Oh, bugger! They didn’t register the warranty!
The questions are great.

“Where is this item being used?
Private Residence
Apartment House

Suggestions for “Other” please?

Teased you long enough!
Here we go!

It kinda reminds me of a cash register. Or even a children’s toy cash register.
The early ORANGE as hell Binatone systems had some real design flair. This one is not a looker. Even with the lovely orange cart inserted, looks like a control panel for machinery.

Time for the first nervous moment. Is it full of acid?

No! Woohoo! Pristine inside.

These are notorious for being trashed by old leaky batteries. My MKIV has light acid damage.
Awesome. I have high hopes for this one.

Right. Time to test if it works. I’ll use the transformer PSU that it came with. If it works it will be fine. If it’s broken it just won’t work.
Just in case I have it plugged into an RCD socket.
Time to switch it on and see what happens…

Took a few inserts for it to recognise the cartridge was inserted, then that little red light sprang to life and it began its pong style beeping. It also made a really rude noise on one attempt that I didn’t capture. Fortunately for you.

After tuning I found it had 2 channels to display. C36 was the nasty, grainy result in pic 2. C61 was the nasty smeared but oddly colourful pic 3.
I’m hoping with the restoration, probably caps etc, it will clear up. I’ll experiment with adding composite to this.

So, “Realistic sound” and “High definition colour” ✔️
The controller needs some attention. But I’m pleasantly surprised at how playable that driving game is!
Analogue controls really add to the feel.

That’s as far as I will go with this for now. If I find the time and energy I will video the restoration, or at least share that here on twitter. But that will have to be at a later date.
I hope you enjoyed the thread 😃 Take care all!

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 27 September 2021.