Dreamcast GDEmu Install

Just because I’m making videos of some of my projects doesn’t mean I won’t still splurge really long threads full of pictures all over your timeline.
Here’s one now!
This Dreamcast is working fine but I’m frustrated by the limitations of CDR.

Love how easy these are to work on. 4 screws and you’re in.
Another 3 screws and the GD drive is out.

I need to buy a vertical battery holder to replace this dead cell.
Also a resettable fuse.

At some point I need to remove the 12v voltage regulator, but looking at it here the screw is going to be tricky to get it. Might have to file the sides into a bolt shape

The kit came with standoffs and a couple of stick on hear sinks.

Nice and simple installation. I’ll be adding a 3d printed shroud at a later date after I’ve printed it.

First does it still work?

Now with an SD card and Daytona.
My only problem now is many of the games I have are in CHD format. I’ve tried converting them to GDI and CDI with CHMAN but so far no luck getting them to work. I’ll report back on that later.
I really need to get a Sega rod controller!

Finally got Sega Rally 2 and…
I don’t like it.
What did they do to the perfect controls they had in Sega Rally Championship? This one is twitchy mess. Very disappointed.

At least there’s Marvel vs Capcom 2 😁

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