Hitachi Oscilloscope V422

Picked this up cheap today. Needed one for some time.
I intend to buy DSO type at some point but this will keep me going till I sell the pinball machine

Came with 3 probes. One is a bit crusty. The other 2 give lovely square signals on the test point.
Might need a little contact cleaner but this looks good to go!

Grubby case. Tried with windex. No joy.
IPA and a brush and I’ve made a clean bit!

Time to bring out the big guns!

Top cleaned up really well. Only a couple of blemishes.
Shame the plastic front surround trim is broken. This might have looked really nice with just a clean.

The screen has gathered a layer of what looked like sand! Is beach oscilloscoping a thing? I bet Brazil would be amazing at it.
Took off the cover and perspex and gave it a blast with compressed air.
Cleaned the screen while I was in there.

Well here’s a surprise! I tried to clean the control panel but it just didn’t want to improve. Then I noticed the plastic film was still in place!
I can never resist peeling these.

Where it peeled away it reveals a pristine facia.

Towards the top is stuck on like a layer of glue and won’t budge.
I’m unsure how to proceed. I tried heat, but that didn’t help very much.
I might try a light solvent, maybe dw40 or white spirit.
I’ll report back with the results.
That’s all for today!

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 5 September 2021.