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Project TERRYCADE – Part 3

Project TERRYCADE. A custom arcade bartop build. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 4.

Control panel holes drilled. T-molding slots cut. Mistakes made and rectified. Other holes cut and drilled. Monitor bezel panel cut and rebated.

Project TERRYCADE – Part 1.5

Building a bartop arcade machine powered by Raspberry Pi 4 for my good neighbour Terry. A quick rundown of all the parts waiting to go inside the bartop arcade machine.

Screen – LG 22MK400H 22 inch 1ms TN Gaming Monitor

Joysticks – Mag-Stik Plus

Buttons – Gold Leaf Buttons

Raspberry Pi 4 2gb

Raspberry Pi power supply

Micro HDMI to HDMI converter cable

Raspberry Pi cooler

Arduino Pro Micro

Dupont Cables

Front Panel USB Connectors

Logitech Z213 speakers

Speaker covers

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