Dreamcast GDEMU

This Dreamcast is working fine but I’m frustrated by the limitations of CDR.

Love how easy these are to work on. 4 screws and you're in.
Another 3 screws and the GD drive is out.

I need to buy a vertical battery holder to replace this dead cell.
Also a resettable fuse.

At some point I need to remove the 12v voltage regulator, but looking at it here the screw is going to be tricky to get it. Might have to file the sides into a bolt shape

The kit came with standoffs and a couple of stick-on hear sinks.

Nice and simple installation. I'll be adding a 3d printed shroud at a later date after I've printed it.

First does it still work?

Now with an SD card and Daytona.
My only problem now is many of the games I have are in CHD format. I've tried converting them to GDI and CDI with CHMAN but so far no luck getting them to work. I'll report back on that later.
I really need to get a Sega rod controller!

Finally got Sega Rally 2 and…
I don't like it.
What did they do to the perfect controls they had in Sega Rally Championship? This one is twitchy mess. Very disappointed.

At least there's Marvel vs Capcom 2 😁

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