A New Episode!

Didn’t I just see this in the last C64 repair episode? The exact same MOS version of the 74ls258 at U14 failed in exactly the same way as the previous C64. But it was still fun finding that out and fixing it!


A very different style, in some ways, of video from me today! Mostly because its got my face in it!

An Atari 520 STFM bought for £20 and upgraded through the kindness of good pals like Ctrl-Alt-Rees


Atari 2600 ‘Vader’ has no video output. I quickly trace the fault and repair it. But after installing a composite mod another more insidious problem is found…


A Commodore C64 motherboard taken from the reject bin, touched up, and sent back out onto the line?
Also, some bonus vintage computer repairing included!

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