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Dreamcast GDEMU

This Dreamcast is working fine but I’m frustrated by the limitations of CDR.

Love how easy these are to work on. 4 screws and you're in.
Another 3 screws and the GD drive is out.

I need to buy a vertical battery holder to replace this dead cell.
Also a resettable fuse.

At some point I need to remove the 12v voltage regulator, but looking at it here the screw is going to be tricky to get it. Might have to file the sides into a bolt shape

The kit came with standoffs and a couple of stick-on hear sinks.

Nice and simple installation. I'll be adding a 3d printed shroud at a later date after I've printed it.

First does it still work?

Now with an SD card and Daytona.
My only problem now is many of the games I have are in CHD format. I've tried converting them to GDI and CDI with CHMAN but so far no luck getting them to work. I'll report back on that later.
I really need to get a Sega rod controller!

Finally got Sega Rally 2 and…
I don't like it.
What did they do to the perfect controls they had in Sega Rally Championship? This one is twitchy mess. Very disappointed.

At least there's Marvel vs Capcom 2 😁

Originally tweeted by More Fun Making It (Lee) (@ZZleeZZ) on 13 July 2021.


March 2020 will probably go down in history, at least here in the UK, for important reasons. 

Yes, that was the month I began CRISPAGGEDON.

I expect you would like an explanation? Like what has this got to do with building retro arcade machines? Good question.

Back at the beginning of 2020 I was busy putting together tools I desired which would allow me to begin making stuff from wood. I had been steadily ticking off list items by keeping an obsessive eye on facebork marketplace and gumtree, and had made excellent progress. My first table saw was only £50, that served me well as I learned what to expect from such a tool. The basics were fairly easy to come by without spending a ton of cash.

Once I had ticked off the easy stuff I began to focus on more specific items. I needed a nail gun. It’s a very useful tool when putting together wooden boxes, and I had to find a way to get one.

Money was beginning to become an issue. I don’t have a large amount of disposable income and I had burned through what I had saved already. I needed to come up with a way to afford the next tool.

The tool in question was a Ryobi ONE+ 16 G AirStrike Nailer, and at close to £200 I just couldn’t afford one. These are not a regular on the second-hand market, so I resigned myself to a new purchase. 

Now we come to the crunch. I am a crisp addict. To the point, at my age, it is becoming a health issue. I can’t help myself, if there are crisps in the house I MUST consume them. Along with that, I have an unhealthy relationship with Pepsi. The money I spend on these weekly is enough to make a difference to my outgoings. So, I struck a deal with my wife. If I gave up crisps and Pepsi (also chocolate, but I’m not that fussed) for five months I could use the money saved to purchase a Ryobi ONE+ 16 G AirStrike Nailer.

A side note – The 16g nailer was not suitable for my needs. I added the 18g which is far better for what I wanted. It’s still nice to have the larger 16g for bigger things and posing for dual wield selfies.

Oh, then the pandemic struck the world and life changed as we know it, but I’m fairly sure that was nothing to do with me.

It’s now been several months since I finished my crisp and Pepsi fast, and I have slipped back into old ways. But now, just before Christmas kicks off in earnest, I am ready to do it again.

This time I need an air compressor…

Twitter thread here

Welcome to More Fun Making It

Hi, I’m Lee. I make awesome retro geeky things out of wood, electronics and patience.

I’ve also recently decided to regress to my teenage self. Much less squeezing spots and sleeping till the afternoon and much more obsessing over retro 8 and 16bit computers and consoles. My latest videos are much more about this new passion, but I’ll certainly be returning to woodwork soon!

You can find all of my builds here, the whole journey, including mistakes, awesome bits, mistakes, and the occasional stumble into success!

Playing on the finished products is so satisfying, but really, it’s more fun making it.

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