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Welcome to More Fun Making It

Hi, I’m Lee. I make awesome retro geeky things out of wood, electronics and patience.

I’ve also recently decided to regress to my teenage self. Much less squeezing spots and sleeping till the afternoon and much more obsessing over retro 8 and 16bit computers and consoles. My latest videos are much more about this new passion, but I’ll certainly be returning to woodwork soon!

You can find all of my builds here, the whole journey, including mistakes, awesome bits, mistakes, and the occasional stumble into success!

Playing on the finished products is so satisfying, but really, it’s more fun making it.

Mini Virtual Pinball Table: Episode 1

Part One of my Virtual Pinball Table Build. Building a mini virtual pinball table running Visual Pinball, Future Pinball and Pinball FX 3 from scratch! Using Pinup Popper as the front end.

In this episode, I explain my intentions for this project. Much of this will change! I give a rundown of the major parts that will go inside the pinball cabinet. And make a start on the first cuts of the main cabinet.

Parts described this episode:

Logitech Z213

Monacor 16.2790 30W Weatherproof Audio Exciter/Resonator

DC 12V 2.0 Channel Amplifier


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