The Final 2023 Charity Auctions are LIVE!

The story of the Missing Speccy is a long and convoluted one. Actually its not that long. In fact its a 23 minute video. You be the judge.
Anyway! It’s now time to sell it again. And its gained a friend!
There are TWO auctions running this week, and at the end of them I will do a little live stream to cover the ends of the auctions so we can tally up the final score. And maybe kick off this years event at the same time!
Here are the auctions for you to peruse and bid on.

First up the Missing Speccy. This has been around the world! A bespoke, custom hand built machine with all new parts, in a beautiful case and including new tape deck and new games on cassette.

And the other auction:
A lovely ZX Harlequin 128k in an original case which includes a NOS faceplate that has never been used. Also included is a new PSU and brilliant quality Harlequin RGB cable from Retro Computer Shack. All of this in an original box with original manuals. Wonderful!

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