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Hi, I’m Lee. I make awesome retro geeky things out of wood, electronics and patience.

I’ve also recently decided to regress to my teenage self. Much less squeezing spots and sleeping till the afternoon and much more obsessing over retro 8 and 16bit computers and consoles. My latest videos are much more about this new passion, but I’ll certainly be returning to woodwork soon!

You can find all of my builds here, the whole journey, including mistakes, awesome bits, mistakes, and the occasional stumble into success!

Playing on the finished products is so satisfying, but really, it’s more fun making it.


    • *banned*

      (not really banned)

    • Hi I’m Patrick and I have a problem with a a Magnavox 2 odyssey. After winning it in an auction through goodwill, I noticed it was quite dirty, had rust and was in a damp environment. I cleaned it up and it started working. However the keyboard membrane was not working correctly and the numbers 0-9 did not work. Now the traces on the cable are not torn or had major physical damaged. Though I do see scratches and a Smokey black coloring on the traces of the ribbon cable that inserts into one of the connectors on the board. Is this repairable or do I have to get another keyboard membrane? Also, I give credit to Borderline OCD on YouTube for recommending you on this matter.

      • Hi Patrick. Sorry for the delay in replying. I very rarely get comments on here!
        I wish I could help you but sadly I have no experience working on that system and would not feel safe to give out advice that could ruin something irreplaceable. I hope you manage to get it sorted!

  • Lee. my name is ian i hope you can give advice i recently brought a replacement zx spectrum 48k case as i want to rebuild it with electronic parts. were can i buy parts from uk? As i hope to create my own new zx spectrum games from my bedroom as i want to keep my zx spectrum 48k computer cassette based.


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